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Swisho Basketball Game App 

Press Release 8-3-18
New Version of "Swisho Basketball" to be released soon

In the game - Swisho Basketball (TM), touch and swipe the basketball using simple swipe motions to score 3 pointer hoops.

The game has complex built in AI - Artificial Intelligence so timing, accuracy, swipe direction, speed, different obstacles and the basketball hoop play a key in getting 3 point scores.

Swisho Basketball is a fun game for all ages.

Swisho Basketball is a 3 pointer basketball game. Swisho Basketball has been developed to feature AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) - like motions so when aiming the basketball to score a hoop the speed, direction, backboard, basketball ring all play a part in the ability to score.

The basketball can even get stuck on the rings edge and with a gentle swipe of the basketball allowing you to score. Depending on how the game is played and the more times the game is played the better the hoop accuracy and your sensory training in the game improves throughout certain challenges within the game.

For instance, swiping the basketball in the direction of the hoop becomes more effortless with 3 point scores. Aim for the centre backboard or try swishing the basketball for a 3 point score.

For more challenging levels a delay in aiming for a hoop to avoid obstacles may result in a higher score. Swisho Basketball is also a great brain training - sensory training game as the game features simple touch to swipe motions with the added features built into the game for each of the different challenges.

The game Swisho Basketball is a fictional simulation basketball game app. First Release of Swisho Basketball - Version 1.0.0

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Swisho Basketball - Game Features

- Basketball game with built in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) like motions to react in different ways when in contact with the basketball ring, backboard or obstacles. RE Basketball may follow the rings edge back and forward and eventually drop into the basketball net.

- Funky out of control basketball motions when swiping the basketball inaccurately. ( Adding more fun in the game )

- Basketball AI Responsive Hold within the game for mid air basketball moves ( This may occasionally occur, allowing you to try and score a hoop mid air in the game )

- Huge range of AI Responsive in game actions. ( Amazing in game basketball scoring possibilities )

- 3D Look Basketball game.

- Basketball Net simulated animation.

- Simple Swipe for basketball to move. RE Touch basketball and swipe up. Easier on larger screen sizes as basketball will be bigger.

- Different challenging levels.

- Scoreboard with high score saved.

- Pause button with extra features.

- Sound on and off controls.

- Fun to play and challenging for the whole family.

The game Swisho Basketball is a fictional simulation basketball game app.

First Release of Swisho Basketball - Version 1.0.0


Swisho Basketball